May 22, 2022

GTA Online Gets Long-Overdue Update

Here’s hoping this Summer heat isn’t causing you too much stress. Be sure to cool down in the city of Los Santos for Rockstar’s GTA Online: Los Santos Summer Special update.

If you’re anything like most people, you’ll have dabbled with Rockstar’s MMO, GTA Online.

Hell, if you’re anything like me, it will have seriously taken over your life this year. [Please, send help and/or Shark Cards. Your King needs a new office].

Regardless of which side of that fence you sit, you’ll have no doubt some knowledge of the game; specifically that the community is full of a bunch of toxic a-holes with only a few people trying to play a game.

You’ll also know that it’s been a while since GTA Online got an update of any kind. (This is despite it being A) Rockstar’s best-selling game ever, and B) the biggest single piece of entertainment media ever).

Thankfully, Rockstar delivered the much talked about “Los Santos Summer Special” on 11th August.

This update brought with it a host of new stuff, including;

  • 15 new vehicles
  • Nine new Open-Wheel Races [GTA‘s version of F1], Open-Wheel Race creator, and an overhaul of the Open-Wheel Races in general
  • “All-New” Business Battles
  • The “Diamond Adversary Series – various gameplay modes (such as “Every Bullet Counts” and “Slasher” fought in the Diamond Casino & Resort)
  • “A Superyacht Life” – six brand new missions that are only accessible from your super-yacht
  • Two new arcade cabinets to install in your Arcades: “QUB3D” and “Axe of Fury”. Plus, “Street Crimes: Gang Wars” can now be played single-player
  • New Collectibles: film executive Solomon Richards has been robbed, and it’s up to the player to go around Los Santos and reclaim the precious artefacts
  • New “ambient” random free-mode events: every so often, you’ll come across a small-time drug deal going down. Take out the dealers for some extra cash and RP
  • An assortment of new clothing items and options across the State of Los Santos and Blaine County

However, that isn’t all, as Rockstar also released a handful of background updates to improve the game in the following ways;

  • Personal vehicles can now be returned to your garage from the Interactive Menu. Previously, the only way to be able to call a new vehicle in was to form a Motorcycle Club, get far enough away from your current vehicle to be able to order a new one,…or destroy you current one. Now, you can send it back without moving or engaging the wrath of Long John Teabag
  • Players can now own eight different Properties (houses, apartments, flats, etc, not Business-related buildings)
  • Races have been evened out now. Players can no longer just “mash” the accelerator button to gain a boost off the starting line. Now, you have to time it perfectly as soon as the countdown reads “GO”
  • When requesting a Pegasus vehicle, a host of new spawn locations are available, which will (hopefully) make getting into one that much easier
  • Upon entering the Diamond Casino, players will see a notification telling them how long it is until their next daily spin on the Lucky Wheel is ready. Players can only have one spin on the wheel every 24 hours – as in, real-world 24 hours, not in-game time
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And that’s basically it.

If you’ve been listening to me rabbit on about my time spent in Los Santos on my appearances on the ABG Podcasts and fancied having a go, now is a perfect time. Though, please do be aware that it is not the best of places when you’re just starting off. Don’t go in alone.

In fact, just don’t do it to yourself. It’s really not worth it. Honestly. I’m telling you this because I love you. Do not do it.

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