June 30, 2022

GTA 6 – Is It A Rumour?

GTA 6 May Have Two Locations & Feature The Game’s First Female Lead.

Multiple sources have this week begun reporting information on ‘possible’ leaked information regarding the next instalment in the GTA series. According to an apparent employee, the new game will be situated within two locations, and featuring the franchise’s first female lead character. With an estimated release date of 2022, fans are speculating on what the game will entail.

The player will be able to fly to South America for certain missions, but is set in or around Miami, or Rockstar’s interpretation of south Florida, labelled as ‘Vice City’.

For the first time in the series, you’ll be able to take control of the first female lead. It is unknown to the us, however, whether you’ll be able to control more than one individual like you could in the game’s predecessor.

The game has a release date which is 3-4 years away, and with the unfortunate information that Rockstar cannot release games when they’re intended (look at Red Dead Redemption 2! Sorry folks, we’re still waiting, too.) We’re expecting the game in 2022, whether it is early or late, it is yet unknown.

The Know quotes the “inside source”, telling us that Rockstar referred to GTA 6 as ‘Project Americas’. While The Know divulged the information of Dark Souls 3 and was correct, their information can be known to be patchy and not the most.. reliable.

I, myself, urge people to take game rumours lightly, but this is one that you should definitely approach with caution, but Vice City and South America? Doesn’t that just shoot down the possibility that a Tokyo-set GTA was happening? You can watch the trailer below.

GTA 6 crashes into Vice City, but there is no confirmation whether you’ll see it return to it’s favoured 1980’s, or feature GTA: Vice City’s Tommy Vercetti.

Rockstar won’t divulge any information about GTA 6, especially while the studio is busy with Red Dead Redemption 2. (Due to crash the frontier in October, guys and gals!)

GTA Online had its most successful month at the end of last year, and if it continues to be as profitable as it’s been for the past few months, surely it will be made priority to Rockstar and publisher’s Take-Two.

Any talk of producing a GTA 6 will not be airing anytime soon, especially with RDR2 due to be released and GTA Online proving to be a profitable case.. So.. Whether this is a definite or not, we don’t know, but I can tell you this – when it does drop, it’ll be worth every second.

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Source – VG247

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