July 5, 2022

Grimshade – PC Review

Fans of RPG style games with turn-based combat will find Grimshade a game worth checking out. Grimshade, by developers Talerock, is being promoted on Steam as a “party-based role-playing game inspired by the JRPG’s of the 90s, featuring a tactical turn-based combat system and a grim story of war and personal choices”

Grimshade is a party-based role-playing game inspired by JRPG of the 90s, featuring a tactical turn-based combat system and a grim story of war and personal choices

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I was given the opportunity to try Grimshade out over the past week. The story was intriguing enough for me to want to figure out who the villain is and what was going on with my young companion. Unfortunately the story is also a bit confusing and unclear.

Without giving too much away, Grimshade is set in the fantasy world of Ree’Fah, where the champions harness their powers utilizing crystals and some of your closest allies are animals (a badger who runs a tavern). As you start the game you are introduced to an unknown villain who has stolen the light, which has brought an unknown military force to the world, which you must battle.

During the story you are given options in some conversations. What you choose will direct where your story goes next. It’s a nice feature to have with the game. One that also helps make the game re-playable as you can start again and choose different options.

The background music is reminiscent of other RPG games and does work well with the locales in the game but doesn’t stand out as memorable. Visually it’s also a nice a game and well designed. Like other RPG games, they have incorporated hints and reminders during the loading screens.

When you start you are a champion, Alistair, who has fallen from the skies while battling one of the invaders. Alistair lands in the woods and whilst journeying back to the town meets up with Kiba. At first Kiba seems like a lost young lad, but you later find out that he has unique powers of his own. As you battle demons in the sewers and the military around the town, Kiba’s powers will grow and change and you learn he is not all that you first see. Throughout the adventure additional characters will also join you each bringing their own unique skills and powers.

If you’ re a fan of the turn-based style of combat there are definitely plenty of battles for you to enjoy. Like other games of this style it’s very important to learn all you can about the skills of each of your allies and opponents. How you utilize them will become more and more important as you progress.

I’m not the biggest fan of this type of combat as I often find it very slow and strategy in battle isn’t my forte. One thing the developers added to assist you in your strategy is the ability to see who’s turn it is in the rotation. This becomes important as your decisions during the battle can change the order at any given time. You also have the ability to have a character sit out or “wait” a round. Mastering the powers of all characters is definitely a plus in this game.

Overall the game was enjoyable, however there were a few things that the developers could work on to improve it.

The story is intriguing but slow. You are warned early on that there is a lot to read. My understanding from the developer’s Kickstarter timeline is that they intend to get voice actors eventually. This would be a good addition. I didn’t mind reading the story, however even on a large monitor the writing was small which caused the game to feel like it was dragging. There were many times that I just wanted to move ahead and get into battle but I had to wade through the conversations first.

Speaking of small writing, this became a problem with the tutorial information during combat. The tutorial didn’t interfere with your game play, however the writing was so small, with no ability to enlarge it, that it was difficult to read quickly, thereby slowing the game down even more.

As mentioned earlier, overall it is an enjoyable game. For players who like strategy and turn-based battle games with a little RPG thrown in I would recommend this game.

Grimshade is available on PC via Steam and GOG.

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Grimshade - PC Review
  • 7/10
    Overall - 7/10


Fans of RPG, strategy and turn-based combat style games will find Grimshade a game worth checking out.  


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