May 27, 2022

Grand Theft Auto IV Returning to Steam, Missing Multiplayer Mode

Grand Theft Auto IV will be coming back to Valve’s digital store after it’s short absence. It will be coming back as a different edition altogether, known as Grand Theft Auto 4: Complete Edition. This not without its flaws, as it is missing a critical component. Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition arrives March 19th, 2020.

The entire multiplayer mode is missing from the game. This is due to the it’s foundation built on Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live. This service has since been shut down, leaving the mode unplayable on the PC. This also means that leader boards will no longer be up for players to compare scores.

The complete edition will be replacing standard Grand Theft Auto IV and the Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. Anyone who already owns the base version will be upgraded to the complete edition. Older save files will work, so all your progress taking over Liberty City will not be halted. However, Steam Achievements will not be available until the new version goes live in March.

Additionally missing are also three radio stations from game. The stations are RamJam FM, Self-Actualization FM, and Vice City FM. RockStar says on the official GTA 4 Steam page, that this is just a “temporary issue”.

Steam Users won’t have to do much work, as it will update automatically. Those with physical copies and digital from the Windows Store will have more hoops to jump through. Physical media key codes can now be claimed digitally, only if they haven’t already. Original digital purchasers will have to link their Microsoft accounts with the Rockstar Social Club. Doing so will award them with the new version of the game.

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