Gotham Knights has Officially Gone Gold

Gotham Knights has Officially Gone Gold

Gotham Knights, the upcoming action role-playing game developed by WB Games Montréal has gone gold. Two whole months before its scheduled launch on October 25th. This revealed by the studio in the below tweet.

Following previous delay and WB Games Montréal cancelling the previous generation versions, it seems the highly anticipated title will launch as planned.  For those uninitiated, a game going gold means that the development of the game is complete. It makes the studio being officially ready to launch and begin the manufacture of physical copies.

Holy Pre-sale Purchase, Batman!

But Gotham Knights has been available for pre-sale for quite some time now. Pre-sales, highly-anticipated and delayed release together in the same sentence is a little like leaving Bobby Kotick in the stockroom with the cute new trainee. It’s a very dangerous game indeed. Are we really so blind to the trapping of games gone before? Cyberpunk anyone? Battlefield 2044? In this age of day one updates and euphoric expectations, haven’t we learned our lesson?

That said, we can be fairly certain that the game will now release on time. But in this era of day-one patches, post-launch content drops and dubious monetisation practices, we’d strongly advise simply waiting until the verdicts are in. All that said, we should note that while Cyberpunk will be remembered for all the wrong reasons, it is now the second highest user-scored game on Steam. That’s second only to The Witcher 3, another CD Projekt RED title.

The final creases in the cape

So with two months to go, and with confidence high in Montréal, it’s time for the final push. Note the deliberate avoidance of “crunch time” as an obvious, yet cheap shot at the studio. But putting cynicism aside for just a moment, all fingers and toes are crossed at ABG. The game looks simply spectacular, as you can see from the recently dropped Red Mask footage below.

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Gotham Knights certainly has all the ingredients of what could indeed be a spectacular game. Despite not being in the official “Arkham” universe, the tone set looks almost identical. So A co-op Arkham game in all but name? What’s not to love? We only hope that there really are just a few creases to iron out of the old cape, and not a full knee reconstruction that lies ahead of WB Games Montréal in the coming weeks.

Gotham Knights will release on October 25, 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC.

Source; PushSquare