Google is Apparently Not Offering Enough Money to Devs to Bring Their Games to Stadia

Google is Apparently Not Offering Enough Money to Devs to Bring Their Games to Stadia

Following Stadia’s less than successful launch, waves of early adopters have started to give up the platform. A key part of the ongoing problems surrounding Stadia has been the small library available.

Business Insider has reported that many developers have come to them to explain why this is the case. And, ironically considering this is Google we’re talking about, it’s about money!

A plethora of indie devs have spoken to Business Insider and said that Google simply isn’t offering them enough money. One company’s executive stated how Google’s offer was “so low it wasn’t even part of the conversation”.

In comparison to companies like Microsoft, Epic, and Valve offer devs upfront incentives to entice them to release games on various stores.

If this is a recurring issue – and the evidence would suggest it could be – that is a major concern for Stadia owners. The concept of Google’s streaming platform might be an intriguing one.

However, without a large catalogue, new and/or returning players will see less and less interest in coming to the platform.

There are currently less than 30 games available on Stadia – and even then, the performance of them isn’t exactly optimised. But, wait, there’s more Stadia news coming up real soon!

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