May 16, 2022

Google Cloud Focuses on Gaming Front, Adds Stadia Exec to Ranks

Jack Buser’s Google legacy continues as he moves from Stadia to Cloud

Google Cloud is looking to make an impact in the gaming sector, a report by ZDNet notes.

As a result of this move, Google has created a new executive role that focuses on “Gaming Solution”.

Jack Buser, the Director for Games for Stadia, has been appointed to the role.

This looks to be the next step in Google’s plans to rehaul Stadia as a third-party platform.

However, gaming is still a big priority for Google. A spokesperson for Google stated;

“Google Cloud sees incredible momentum across all industries, and gaming is one of the key verticals we are investing in”.

Buser will help Google Cloud to, “develop broader relationships with game publishers and developers”. Its intention is to “connect with players through a holistic suite of products and services”.

Initial fears might point to this being yet another nail in the coffin for Stadia. However, Google Cloud says that Buser’s move should actually help Stadia.

New partnerships and product opportunities are expected as a result of Buser’s move.

Lori Mitchell-Keller, Global Leader of Industry Solutions at Google Cloud, stated;

“Jack’s hire illustrates Google Cloud’s continued investment into our global, customer-first gaming strategy. His five years at Google [as part of Stadia] will help open doors for broader strategic partnerships with customers across YouTube, Stadia, and more. Jack brings 20 years of experience within the industry as well as a unique blend of business and technical knowledge to further expand our ability to serve gaming customers”.

We’ll have to wait and see what Buser’s new role will create. And what this will mean for Stadia going forward.

Buser was a part of the Stadia project for around five years, helping to build it from the ground up.

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