Good Smile to Recreate Hades’ Zagreus as Figurine

Good Smile to Recreate Hades’ Zagreus as Figurine

For fans of Supergiant’s Hades, you’ll want to listen up for this one.

Good Smile Company – which specialises in making figurines and ‘Nendoroid’s – has announced a special Hades collaboration.

The partnership with Supergiant (who retweeted Good Smile’s inital post) will see the popular Zagreus immortalised [ha ha] as his own figurine.

(No word yet on whether he’ll be as a scale figure or an adorable Nendoroid. However, I’m kind of hoping for the latter).

“We’re really looking forward to seeing Zagreus brought to life in figurine form, especially knowing he’ll be in the capable hands of Good Smile, who’ve crafted so many of our favourite figurines! Stay tuned for more details on this project down the line”.

Aside from being nominated for a number of Game of the Year Awards last year, Hades also featured prominently on a certain YouTube channel you should definitely subscribe to! No pressure, though.

You may also remember that Good Smile previously made a Death Stranding figurine last year. That was one adorable version of Norman Reedus. Be sure to follow Supergiant and/or Good Smile on Twitter to know when the Zagreus figures go on sale. Who knows, maybe Zagreus and Sam Porter Bridges can become best friends. Sam’s delivery service might not do too well in Hades, mind.

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