God of War PC Gets Playable Atreus Mod

God of War PC Gets Playable Atreus Mod

The one thing that everyone anticipated from God of War 2018 launching on PC – besides agonising amounts of people incessantly screaming “boy!” all over again – was game-changing* mods.

From the helpful ones that up-res your game to the downright terrifying ones (like Kratos sans beard), there’s a whole host of ways to improve/change your experience.

One mod, however, has gone a step further and brought a new playable character into the fold.

Speclizer has created a mod that allows players to take control of Atreus. And, it turns out, he’s almost as adept at fighting behemoths, draugr, and gods as his old man.

On the mod, Speclizer said;

“As you can see, at the moment it is clearly not the smoothest experience. I still need to put a lot more work into the mod to get it to a stage where it works flawlessly”.

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As you can see from the above video, it, clearly, isn’t quite finished. However, it already looks pretty impressive considering.

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