June 30, 2022

God of War Egyptian concept art

God of War could have been very different this time around if it hadn’t been for Game director Cory Barlog. Back when the game was still in its early design stage the team hit a bit of a deadlock. They couldn’t decide over the mythology the new God of War would take. Obviously Greek was out of the question as Kratos has already wiped out the gods of Olympus. Half of the development team wanted to go with Norse mythology while the other half wanted to head to warmer climates and try Egyptian mythology. At an impasse, Cory stepped in and put his vote into Norse, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward to Devcom 2018 and Cory has revealed a couple of concept images. The images show just what the game might have looked like if they had gone with the Egyptian mythology.

God of War was the fastest selling entry in the series in the UK, with 3 million sales in just 3 days worldwide. I quickly became the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive in the console’s history.

*source VG24/7

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