Global Game Jam Site Registration Deadline

Global Game Jam Site Registration Deadline

Global Game Jam returns once again to sites all over the world. The GGJ takes place between 31st January and 2nd February. The GGJ has added five new countries this year that have never participated in the event before. The new sites include;

Currently, over 11,000 Jammers have registered at 749 Jam sites across 104 countries. This is the final call for new site registrations for 2020.

The site registration deadline of 12th January now looms with less than 24 hours to go. So, make sure you register your Jam site TODAY!

More locations are added every day, so keep up to speed with GGJ’s live status map for the latest updates.

Game Development With a Great Theme

The GGJ is a yearly event that unifies professional, student, and hobbyist game designers in an international unified effort. The aim is to create game experiences based around a central theme, which changes from year-to-year. Every year, the theme remains a surprise until the Jam starts, providing a fair and even challenge to all participants.

This year will kick off with videos from GGJ’s keynote speaker, Chris Avellone. This is in addition to Jamming mental health advice and tips from the charity Take This. After this, the secret theme will be revealed. Then the Jam will commence for 48 hours of fun, creativity, and collaboration.

Joseph Olin, President of Global Game Jam, said in a Press Release;

“Hosting a Global Game Jam site in your local community is an activity that is fun and brings positive changes to all who participate. Our continued growth, year-after-year is a testimony to the value of the event. We welcome all to the GGJ family and are always thrilled by the incredible games that our ‘Jammers’ create each year”.

Kate Edwards, Global Game Jam’s Executive Director, said the following in a Press Release;

“GGJ 2020 marks my first year as Executive Director for the Global Game Jam, and I can’t express what an honour it is to see the hard work from our amazing team over the past year coming to fruition. Working with this amazing charity has opened my eyes to what a great impact a small staff and a massive team of volunteers can have on a global scale”.

About the Global Games Jam

The world’s largest game jam, the GGJ provides a common theme where amateur, professional, and hobbyist game creators can join in.

Everyone works towards creating video games in physical locations around the world. It brings together creative minds to share experiences and express thoughts, ideas and sentiments through the medium of video games.

The weekend stirs an international, creative buzz in the industry, exploring the process of game development in every aspect. This includes programming, iterative design, narrative exploration, and artistic expression.

Condensed into a 48-hour development cycle, the GGJ encourages people of all backgrounds to participate and contribute to the spread of game development and creativity. It does this in an open, non-competitive atmosphere.

For more information, and to register a site for Global Game Jam 2020, visit their website. A list of frequently asked questions will help visitors learn more about setting up a site.

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