July 3, 2022

Glitch Gaming Festival Postponed

AnyButtonGaming recently covered the Glitch Gaming Festival. Headed for Newcastle-upon-Tyne, The Glitch festival was set to be the largest event ever held in the north of England. Multiple areas had already been announced. From the retro zone to the future zone, and everything in between. The festival was set to cover every aspect of gaming and included a very special guest- DOOM creator John Romero. Take a look at our previous article HERE for all the original information.

Due to some unforeseen complication surrounding the date, this festival has been postponed. At the moment there have been no details revealed with regards to a new date for the festival. Head over to the official webpage HERE, and you will see the following image:

Had you been planning on going to the event? Or had you arranged tickets? Let us know below.

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