GHOSTS, The RT Live-Action horror hits 100k target

GHOSTS, The RT Live-Action horror hits 100k target

GHOSTS, the upcoming Real-Time Live Action Horror game has reached its 100k Kickstarter target.

With nine days to go, the GHOSTS Kickstarter campaign has smashed through the £100,000 barrier and has set its sights on full funding.

Jed Shepherd, the writer and exec producer of the ‘genre phenomenon’ HOST, along with the main cast of the hit film are making the world’s first real-time live-action video game, due for release in early 2022. The game is being made in collaboration with UK based Visible Games and distributed by Limited Run Games on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Steam. Creature design is by Siren Head creator Trevor Henderson and being brought to life by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.


Photos of the game’s ‘antagonist’ THE LONG LADY have already gone viral, with websites around the world reposting the ‘sightings’ of her on a South London street.

About the Game 

You play a TV producer, operating the outside broadcast van for a failing cable channel called FrighTV. Their flagship show is GHOSTS. As the cast explore a haunted location, you not only need to worry about their safety, the noises you hear around the van and the strange neighbours, but there’s also the urban legend of The Long Lady. Sightings of The Long Lady on this very street have chilled the bones of residents for decades. She appears in times of tragedy, looking through the windows of houses on the street. It’s said that if you look directly at her face, you die. Curtain salesmen do a roaring trade here.

The full terrifying real-time version of the game will only be playable at 10pm in your local time zone, meaning you won’t be able to play it at any other time.

You can view the Kickstarter for GHOSTS here!

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