May 28, 2022

Ghost of Tsushima – State of Play

So Sony just wrapped up their latest State of Play presentation. This time we got a sneak peek on Sucker Punch Production’s latest game: Ghost of Tsushima.

The live stream was broken down into different segments, focusing on such things as exploration, combat, stealth, and customization.


At the beginning of the video, we see how Jin, our protagonist, using the environment, and even nature itself, such as the wind and animals, to help navigate the island of Tsushima. And from what little we could see, the map looks huge. There are shrines to pray at, rare resources to find and hidden collectibles to… well collect.

Stealth And Combat

The next two parts of the live stream focused on the different ways Jin could take on the Mongol-horde; either with stealth or open combat. We were taken through two separate scenarios. In the first scenario, we see Jin challenging his enemies to a standoff. Ghost of Tsushima’s combat focuses more on precision striking and timing your parries and counters than just hacking and slashing. By changing stances you can exploit different enemies’ weaknesses, making short work of the Mongol invaders.

In the next sequence we find Jin skulking around an enemy camp in the deep of night. By using using a variety of tools and weapons, such as firecrackers and kunai Jin is able to assassinate his foes without making a sound. Sucker Punch seems to also have taken a page from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed as Jin is quite the parkour-master.


The live stream showed us some surprisingly deep customization options. Different armour will have different effects and traits, throughout the game. you wouldn’t want to wear heavy armour while trying to sneak around enemies but equipping light, stealthy armour won’t afford much protection in a fight.

But the customization goes further than that. By outfitting yourself with different charms Jin receives passive bonuses as well. You will even be able to dye your armour by picking up different coloured flowers and applying them to your attire, allowing you to create your own Jin.

Photo-Mode and Japanese Voice Tracks

Like a lot of games these days, Ghost of Tsushima will feature an extensive photo mode. While the photo-mode will let you do everything you would expect, like altering weather, particle effects, depth-of-field, etc, you will now also be able to make short videos and even add music.

Sucker Punch also added a mode that they are calling Samurai Cinema. When this mode is active the entire game can be played black-and-white, as an homage to classic samurai movies.

Similarly to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Ghost of Tsushima will let the player choose whether or not to use English speak or Japanese voices, with subtitles.

To watch the live stream in its full glory check out the video, on Sony’s YouTube channel, below.

YouTube player

All in all, I think the live stream go Ghost of Tsushima left no-one not salivating excessively. The game comes out July 17, exclusively for PS4.

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