GenDesign Teases Next Project Art in New Year Post

GenDesign Teases Next Project Art in New Year Post

GenDesign the developer behind Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian have teased their next project using game art in their 2021 New Years message.

Shown in inside the “1” of 2021 in the image, the art seems to show a caped character leaning on a large object, whether creature or environment is unknown.

Vague Impressions

With not much else shown except that the character is standing in what looks like a wetlands environment and what judging by the scale of the art could be a large creature or object in the sky some distance away.

Though this does give credence to the idea that the game will follow in the vain of previous games from the studio in terms of scale.

GenDesign did hint that a new game was being worked in 2018 now nearly 3 years later, maybe now they’ll start offering more information with the developer confirming in the same year that the game will follow in the footsteps of previous titles by the developer and also be unconnected.

Fumito Ueda, Famitsu Interview 2018:

“We’re in a stage of various trials. This stage we’re in, where we’re actually making our ideas to test if they’re interesting or not, is being supported by Kowloon Nights (a game fund), so we’re proceeding with prototyping.”
“We’re working out the core parts first, and from there we’ll make it into a stable product. That’ss our challenge this time.”
“What we’re making now doesn’t feel like an indie game. We’re ultimately aiming for something on the scale of Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian.”
“If larger-scale development becomes of interest to us, then I think we will significantly expand our development system and take it to a large-scale development team to make it a big game.”
“This will be a completely new title, not a sequel.”

Credit Gematsu

In the developers 2018 New Year message they also provided the below image.

With The Last Guardian releasing in 2016 and Bluepoint games handling the remake of Shadow of the Colossus, it’s been some time since we’ve had a new game from GenDesign and I’m sure this teasing image will leave fans excited for more.

GenDesign Adding New Talent to the Team

Thanks to the magic of Twitter we also know that GenDesign are looking for new development staff.

No, I can’t read the original tweet and yes I used the amazing “Translate Tweet” function.

Now that’s all cleared up can we go back to speculating wildly about the new project, drop some crazy theories in the comments and we can all get caught up in the hype together.

Sourced: GenDesign

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