May 25, 2022

GeForce Now Update Allows PC Streaming to Xbox

We heard you like games?

The wait is over, fellow GeForce Now x Xbox Series X owners; Nvidia has issued out an update that will allow its premium streaming service to run on Microsoft Edge browsers.

More specifically, you can now run GeForce Now on your Xbox Series X.

This means you’ll be able to stream (some of*) your PC games straight onto your PC, with only a few minor tweaks.

*Nvidia is constantly adding new games to the servers, and, looking further afield, God of War will be available on the platform at launch.

The caveat is, however, that, unless you signed up for the Founder’s Edition, you’ll need to pay nearly $100 for a six months subscription.

The update is currently in a beta phase, but, for as far as we can tell, offers up almost everything the native support for GeForce Now offers.

Tom Warren unearthed the release of the new update, something he has kept an eye on in recent weeks.

Of course, there are some limitations to GeForce Now, regardless of when you went in on it.

For newcomers, the price is going to be the main concern; for the best experience, you’ll be paying £89.89 for six months. This option, the “RTX 3080”, does boast the following features, however;

  • RTX 3080 rig, with RTX On
  • Exclusive access to the RTX 3080 servers
  • Eight-hour long streaming session length
  • (Up to) 1440p at 120FPS on PC/Mac
  • (Up to) 4K HDR Shield TV capabilities

The next best pricing, the Priority membership, comes in two subscriptions – one, or six months. The one-month subscription runs at £8.99/month. Meanwhile, the six-month offering comes in at £44.99 for the period (equating to £7.50/month). This tier offers;

  • Premium Rig, with RTX On (not as powerful as the 3080 settings)
  • Priority access to gaming servers (non-3080)
  • Six-hour long streaming session length
  • (Up to) 1080p at 60FPS

So, as you can see, quite a difference between the two offerings. But, there is a third-tier available; the Free option. This obviously will not boast nearly as high a quality or offer as the paid-for tiers. As such, the Free tier offers;

  • “Basic” Rig
  • Standard access
  • One-hour streaming session length

For anyone who isn’t that big into their PC gaming, this won’t be the worst option available. And, it should be noted that all of the streaming session length times refer to the length of time per session. You could, theoretically, stream for a near solid 24-hours on the Free tier, but you would be kicked off at the end of every hour.

We’ll have a look into how the service performs on the Xbox and report back for you at a later date. Until then, if you have experience with GeForce Now on Xbox, please let us know what you think/thought of it.

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