July 3, 2022

Gears of War 5: Job Position Listings Suggest Sequel Possibly On The Way?

Only a few weeks ago, Microsoft’s head of gaming Phil Spencer confirmed that Gears of War 5 is on the way while discussing the new plans for the Xbox Game Pass, Clues such as “future unannounced games” for some “Xbox One exclusive franchises” basically saying any new Gears of War title would be included in the subscription service like they have done with Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3 when they are released.

February 2017, Xbox very own Graeme Boyd (@AceyBongos)  was seen wearing a t-shirt with the GoW logo and the tally of five on it, during a segment on This Week on Xbox. Does the recent job advertisements back up the possibility of Gears 5? The job listings on the developer Splash Damage’s website suggest that to be the case.

The positions now open over on the developer’s page include Associate Art Director, Cinematic Artist, Cinematic Environment Artist, Cinematic Lead, and more that look to be related to a potential Gears of War 5.

Should Microsoft be thinking about getting Gears 5 together? Is this one of Microsoft’s and Xbox games for E3 2018? Do we need another Gears of War yet?

Only time will tell. Will we actually get to own a Gears 5 t-shirt? Let you know in the comments below or on a our social media platforms.


*Source: Splash Damage

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