July 3, 2022

Gears of Warship Coming to Sea of Thieves Next Week

Rare’s pirating adventure Sea of Thieves has had a fair bit of cross-promotional content in its short life. Fellow Rare titles Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark have been brought to the game by way of limited-time cosmetics. Heck, even Halo has made an appearance. The game has done a fair bit of fan service. And soon, Gears of War is getting the Sea of Thieves treatment too.

By logging into Sea of Thieves before 22nd November, players will gain access to the “Omen Ship”, the Gears-inspired vessel. The Omen Ship features a themed hull, sails, flag, and Chainsaw Bayonet figurehead, as seen in the announcement trailer.

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But wait, there’s more! For anyone wanting to complete their Obsidian Ship set of cosmetics, you’ll want to check this out. You’ll be able to obtain the Obsidian Wheel soon. Players need simply to watch a part of Microsoft’s Inside Xbox X019 live-stream through Mixer.

Starting today – 14th November at 8 pm GMT – you’ll see the latest Xbox news straight from the horse’s mouth. You should receive the Obsidian Wheel if you’re logged into the Microsoft account you play Sea of Thieves with.

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