July 3, 2022

Gears 5-Themed Xbox One Controller Seems To Have Leaked

Gears 5’s launch draws closer each day. With that, the marketing for the shooter is being kicked up a notch. Usually, this means themed controllers and bundled special edition consoles. We don’t know anything about the latter yet, but it seems a Gears 5-themed Xbox One controller will be coming soon.

Images of the controller seem to have leaked online. You can see one such leaked image below via Twitter user @IdleSloth1984. The controller, sporting colours of white and various shades of grey, looks pretty cool, especially with the recognizable Gears crest on the home button. It doesn’t look fake, so here’s hoping Microsoft officially announces it soon. This wouldn’t be the first time they’ve paired a major upcoming first party launch with a new Xbox One controller too.


Gears 5 is out for Xbox One and PC on September 10th. It also won’t have a battle royale mode (at least not at launch).

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Source: gamingbolt.com

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