Gears 5 Sees Batista Bomb Execution Added

Gears 5 Sees Batista Bomb Execution Added

For fans of WWE and/or Gears of War, you’ll wanna listen up.

Former Evolution member, Batista, has had his iconic finishing move, the Batista Bomb, added to Gears 5.

For context, Dave Bautista (the man behind the muscles) gave his likeness to be used in Gears 5. To access him, players need to use the aptly-named “Batista” skin for Marcus Fenix in multiplayer. It’s free to access, and you also get Dave’s actual voiced lines as part of the model.

For anyone uninitiated as to what exactly a “Batista” (in this context) is, he’s a former professional wrestler. Best known for his time in WWE, Batista is a former World Heavyweight champion, among other accolades.


In recent years, you’ll have no doubt seen the big guy in his roles in the James Bond film Spectre as well as Marvel Studio’s Guardians of the Galaxy. (For anyone somehow finding it hard to place him, Dave plays Drax the Destroyer).

As to what Batista’s in-game execution looks like compared to his real-world finisher, check out the footage below. As you can see in the video, Batista’s sit-out powerbomb move looks painful in real life. (Trust me, I’ve taken a powerbomb, it hurts). In Gears, however, Batista’s opponents explode in a visceral display of devastation.

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Gears 5 is available on Xbox One right now as part of the Game Pass programme. You’ll be able to use the Batista skin for free if you play any game mode until 20th April.

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