July 6, 2022

When Has Gaming Gone Too Far…

When has gaming gone too far, or when will it come to a point in which a reality cannot be further reached. This is a personal opinion on a matter of which I’m sure there are a vast amount of gamers who ponder this thought now and again. I constantly here critics or people’s opinions of a game saying that the game they’re playing is not realistic to nature or there is not enough elements to the game that make it believable. I think games have come on leaps and bounds from the titles released a decade ago let a known from where they first started but with Virtual Reality at our finger tips, when has it gone too far.

I’m sure that each individual has their own view on this matter but I believe there is only a certain point in which gaming should be taken to before it’s time to take a step back and look at what’s in front of us. I’ve watched video’s online of Virtual Reality gaming and the extreme effects in which it can cause, nausea, dizziness, motion sickness etc. I think that’s too much for me personally. It’s not been a huge hit amongst the gaming community, one reason being the price. A set up costs more than the console itself and for me, I’m not ready for that kind of investment. I also believe that the titles that have been launched haven’t been a full game and only offer a limited experience. If I  much money into a this experience I would expect some sort of reward for my investment.

I think back to general gaming experiences where Virtual Reality isn’t involved and here is where my main problem persists. Games that are based around individual and specific sports are on a level playing field (no pun intended) for me, I think gamers and fans should come to expect a sense of realism within these types of games. Millions of people around the world partake in sports and when they’re physically involved they like to further their experience or just casually enjoy their favourite sports in the comfort of their own homes. When it comes to games like Call Of Duty I think the histories that you can learn from within these games are fantastic and you can learn a lot from titles such as these that contain facts and events that have taken place in history. Saying all of that, there is only so far in which we can take gaming to which it’s likely to affect certain individuals state of mind. Rage from gaming where things don’t go your way happens every second of everyday to a point where people smash they computers, TV’s, controllers and other things around them. This happened to me today whilst playing Fifa 18 which is a common place for gaming rage. My friend here at Any Button Gaming recently smashed his controller whilst playing Fifa.

How long is it until Virtual Reality gaming becomes cheaper and easily available to the public and the games in which are available to us draw us in a false sense of reality. I know it sounds backwards as that’s what Virtual Reality is based around but how long until a horror titles or shooters effect people’s state of mind and sanity. Below is a video I found displaying the horror titles available on VR and they’re not safe viewing for all members of the public so viewer discretion is advised.

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Since I was a child I have always had vivid nightmares and a troubled period of sleeping when I was around the age of 4-5 due to films I had witnessed or things that I had seen. My mind goes into overdrive after watching a horror or other films of a similar nature and this style of gaming would personally test my mind and way of thinking. For some people I’m sure it’s exactly what they’re looking for but as a larger majority of gamers entering the scene at a much younger age maybe they should offer something else to the gaming community.

All in all, even with deals at hand on the internet and gaming related stores, I can only VR becoming a flop like some consoles in the past and other things that have been offered. For my final words, I would possibly be tempted to partake in VR gaming but until the price is reasonable in my eyes as well something on offer that interests me, it’s a no from me. It’s too costly, it hasn’t taken off and the titles on offer are largely horror based experiences from what I have found. I know there are some good titles out there that are not but for me, I much prefer the realities of games to remain distant from the real life everyday experience of living.

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