July 3, 2022

GamerToken partners with esports team Tempo Storm

On Monday, GamerToken announced their partnership with Tempo Storm, a major esports company.

Haven’t heard of GamerToken or Tempo Storm?  If you aren’t into blockchain technology or esports then you might not have heard of them.   GamerToken is an on-line marketplace company that utilizes blockchain technology.  Tempo Storm is an esports company who’s platforms not only encompass their original Hearthstone team but now includes but is not limited to Fortnite, Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft.

But why would a blockchain developer join forces with an esports media company?

Recently there has been a lot of discussion in the media and within the industry about the profits game developers make, whether it be for the game itself, micro transactions, lootboxes or esports tickets and merchandise.  It’s also obvious through these discussions that the average gamer does not partake in any of the profits of this extremely large industry and is limited to what the company wants to offer for purchase.

To give you an idea of the size of revenue the gaming industry sees NewZoo, who publishes a global market report each year, estimated that in 2018 gamers will spend $137.9 billion on games, with 91% of that being the digital market.

So what does that mean for the gamer, besides a lot of money spent?  What changes would this new partnership make in the players ability to be a part of this large industry?  Andrey Yanyuk, founder of Tempo Storm, was quoted as saying “With GamerToken, the esports genre is taking the next step toward other professional leagues, in which collecting or trading memorabilia items is already commonplace.”    In other words fans may soon have the ability to own the unique in-game skins used by your favorite esports player during that key game winning play.

To be able to purchase the memorability, the gamer must achieve tokens.  GamerToken’s white paper outlines how this can be done:

1. By participating in our Token Generation Event.
2. Earning them as rewards through skill-based, in-game actions
and achievements.
3. Receiving them in the form of proceeds for selling and trading digital assets.
4. Buying them in our global Token Store.
5. Collecting them as royalty payments for designing digital assets.

Although they are starting with esports, GamerToken’s goal is to “create a strong ecosystem where items harness real value”.

GamerToken is also set to integrate into Tempo Storm’s upcoming trading card game “The Bazaar”, which is set in an “intergalactic marketplace” and is planned for release March 2019.

For additional details on how the tokens work, click here.

What do you think about the ability of gamers to buy and sell in-game assets, let us know in the comments below.

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