May 22, 2022

GameBlast20 Livestream Meets Donation Goals, Darren Suffers

Any Button Gaming‘s one and only Darren Colley pledged himself to a noble cause. Darren devoted a whole 24 hours to Livestream various video games to raise money for a noble cause, GameBlast20. His target goal was to raise €50.


GameBlast is a yearly charity driver by gamers to raise money for SpecialEffect.

“The money you raise through your GameBlasting is going to enable SpecialEffect to transform the quality of hundreds of lives through video games. By using technology ranging from modified joypads to eye-control, we’re finding a way for people with disabilities to play to the very best of their abilities.

We visit people to find out what they want to play, and exactly what they need to play it. We’ll then match, modify or create equipment to lend to them, and give support so they can get the best out of it”.

Each year, Darren undertakes a whole day of uninterrupted gaming, all while taking donations. He plays a great variety of games. From Rocket League, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, FIFA and Volgarr: The Viking.

Fueled by booze, sugar and caffeine, he pushed his way through and made it the whole 24 hours. A bunch of friends and fellow ABG members jumped in to help him get through the tough nighttime hours. Getting all to the way to the last 3 hours, he was bribed into playing Volgarr: The Viking.

The Return of The Viking

It has become a sort of a tradition for him to finish out the night on this challenging game. After all the years of trying to even pass the first level, he still hasn’t finished that yet. After getting to the first boss, he died in only one hit.

But this suffering isn’t without just cause. Most of the time, this game gets the last push for donations he needs to get his goal. In the end, he met his goal and then some.

Those looking to help and learn more about SpecialEffect and Gameblast20 can learn more here.

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