May 22, 2022

GAME adds delivery charge to PS5 and Series X pre-orders

The rush for pre-orders is a tale as old as time.

There is no happier time in someone’s life than when they pre-order a new console. The expectation and excitement as the day of delivery draws closer cannot be compared too….well maybe becoming a parent, that comes a close second.

You’ve paid all that hard-earned money to receive your console on launch day and have placed your pre-order, taking note of the FREE delivery… only to find you’ll be charged for the privilage.

In a somewhat evil move, GAME (The UK retailer) has added a £9.99 delivery charge on the sly to both PS5 and Xbox Seris X/S pre-orders, DESPITE the website claiming that delivery is free, which has now been removed.

Thankfully, if you manged to pre-order your PS5 last week you won’t be retroactively charged.

Note the free delivery

The charge also applies to pre-orders of the Oculus Quest 2 headset. Prior to this GAME did offer free delivery on console pre-orders. It also seems that the charge is being added even if you select to pick it up in-store.

GAME has officially yet to respond, but Eurogamer sources claim that:

The delivery charge is an edict from parent company Frasers Group and came as a surprise to staff. No-one here agrees or is happy with it

Its been a uneasy week for GAME as pre-orders for both next-gen consoles (and their iterations) crashed the website on both occasions. This doesn’t bode well for the company if they think this will keep customers loyal.

Source: Eurogamer

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