July 6, 2022

Free Goodies From Mixer

Just in case you hadn’t heard there’s a small convention taking place at the moment called E3, I would imagine pretty much every gamer knows already but there might be one or two under a rock somewhere that’s out of the loop.

I wasn’t lucky enough to be able to attend the show live so I pre-booked a comfy spot on my sofa, gathered a stack of drinks and snacks and a screen to watch the action unfold. But then I was faced with the choice of where exactly to stream all the news and announcements from, this is where Mixer stepped in and made the decision an easy one for me. If you watch the presentation through their site, you get some free goodies as a thank you – well isn’t that a pretty darn nice thing for them to do?

There’s a few things to need to do in order to get the goodies though, don’t worry as it’s not too in depth.

  1. Make sure you have a Mixer HERE account, if you don’t then click to make one
  2. Make sure your Mixer account is linked to your Microsoft account, click HERE to see how to do this
  3. Head to the Xbox channel on Mixer by clicking right HERE
  4.  Sit back and enjoy the show and wait for the free goodies to roll in

We don’t know all the details on what is being given out in the Mixpot apart from a free pre-order for Outer Wilds, an unreleased ID@XBOX title. There will be more but the quantities are limited so make sure you have your space ready for the show. Please check how the show fits in with your local time zone, the official start time is 1:00PM PDT which is 9:00PM BST for us in the U.K.

And there you go, everything you need to know about watching the Xbox E3 presentation and how to get some free goodies courtesy of the Mixpot, I can’t wait to see what they show later – why not let us know what you’re hoping for too?

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