May 25, 2022

Frank Oz Returns As The Voice Of Yoda

Frank Oz—the original voice actor for Jedi master Yoda is back. Oz will once again take up the role as Star Wars’ legendary space-goblin in a coming Oculus Quest game. Alongside Yoda and Frank Oz players will get to meet C3PO, also played by his original actor Anthony Daniels.

Players will be able to control the swamp-dwelling force master in the VR game Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge, which comes out on November 19. Check out the official trailer below, courtesy of ILMxLAB. If you’d like to read more about the upcoming game you should visit the official Star Wars website.

YouTube player

Will you be playing Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge and live out your dreams of being a Jedi knight, space smuggler or maybe an oversized beaver will a speech-impediment? Let us know in the comments.

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