May 27, 2022

Fortnite-Among Us? New LTM Live

Fortnite takes on an Among Us theme in this new LTM

For those playing the spectacle that is fortnite you might have noticed a new Limited Time Mode making its rounds: The Spy Within. And it bears a remarkable similarity to Among Us. In it you will be assigned a colour and a role; Butler (read: Crewmate) and Spy (read Imposter). As you’d expect the butlers must go around a mansion and complete a number of tasks such as cleaning or moving objects. Each task gives you gold, and when you deposit it it goes towards your team score. Score enough and you win.

Once again you’ll have to be avoid being murdered by the spies who can sabotage and move through special rooms. As you can see, very similar to Among Us, but in Fortnite. No time scale has been given so far on how long this LTM will continue, so get started if you want to try it!

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