July 5, 2022

Fortnite adds a harpoon gun for extreme fishing

In a new patch, Fortnite has added a new Harpoon Gun. Players started noticing the addition on Tuesday morning, a pretty regular time for Fortnite, but as usual for Chapter 2, there were no patch notes.

The Harpoon Gun is essentially an upgraded version of the fishing pole that arrived when this season began. While using the fishing pole, players have to wait until the float bobs in the water to know if they’ve got a bite and can reel the line in. With the Harpoon Gun, however, players can just launch it straight into a school of fish and catch something immediately. Just like the fishing pole, players can pull several things out of the water including one of several different types of fish, or even a weapon.

It’s unclear if the Harpoon Gun has all of the same uses as a fishing pole, but it does seem likely. That would mean that you can use the Harpoon Gun to grab loot from a distance, while also being used for fishing. The Harpoon Gun deals 75 damage if you shoot a player with it, while also pulling them towards you.

There are probably a few other changes waiting for players to discover in Fortnite this week, but for now at least you can fish a little bit faster.

Source: polygon.com

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