Former Xbox Boss “Encouraged” Console Wars

Former Xbox Boss “Encouraged” Console Wars

Peter Moore, former head of Xbox, has recently spoken about his time at Xbox.

During an episode of Front Office Sports’ “My Other Passion“, Moore was quizzed about the launch of the Xbox 360.

During the podcast, Moore reminisced about it, and how the idea of a “console war” was what really helped sales.

“…we [enouraged] the console wars, not to create division but to challenge each other. When I say each other, I mean Microsoft versus Sony.

If Microsoft hadn’t of stuck the course after the Xbox, after the Red Rings of Death, gaming would be a poorer place for it. You wouldn’t have the competition you have today [between] two big behemoths like Mircosoft and Sony investing billions of dollars each.

It’s good for gaming, it’s as simple as that. They have to be great, otherwise the game is going to the other guy and so it’s great for the industry”.

[41:22 – 42:24]

Moore joined the Xbox team back in 2003 following a stint as President and COO of SEGA America. His accomplishments include launching the SEGA Dreamcast and Xbox 360 during his respective tenures. And getting fake tattoos to help announce high-profile games.

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