May 25, 2022

Former CS:GO Pro Streamer Sentenced to 116 Imprisonment

After leaving the pro-gamer scene, Shayene “ShAy” Victorio has made it back into the news. She has been served with a whopping 116-year prison sentence.

As reported by ESPN, Brazilian Counter-Strike eSports player, Shayene “ShAy” Victorio, has been served a 116-year prison sentenced. The charges stem from multiple counts of fraud.

As ESPN noted, Victorio ran an online store between 2013 – 2017. Through those years, the store served a reported 10,000+ customers. However, investigations were launched when 118 customers complained about not receiving the goods they had ordered.

Due to the way Brazilian law operates, Victorio has not yet been jailed, nor is she in police custody. She can actually appeal against the sentence, which she is planning on doing.

Strangely, though, despite the charge being a 116-year sentence, the longest she could be imprisoned for is 40 years. Come on, Brazil, I mean, why even bother sentencing somebody past 40 years?

Victorio took to Instagram to tell fans she had not yet been arrested nor will she be, and that she is not a fugitive. Brazilian site UOL has reported that Victorio’s lawyer has issued a statement:

As the statement notes, due to problems with business administration and a “questionable” search and seizure by law enforcement, Victorio’s company was unable to fulfil products to some [116] of their customers.

Victorio made her debut in eSports on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive back in 2008. She retired from the sport last year, though does still work as a streamer and influencer. If it matters to you, she is currently dating Atlético GO’s goalkeeper, Jean.

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