Forgotton Anne Finally Gets A Release Date

Forgotton Anne Finally Gets A Release Date

Around about three hours ago (2pm UK time) Tweets started to go out from various sources, including Square Enix Collective & Through Line Games, that finally offered up what many people have been waiting for. That being a release date for Forgotton Anne.

The game will be officially available on PC, PS4 & Xbox One on May the 15th as confirmed by the Tweet below. That means we’re little over a month away from the full release!

Forgotton Anne is a side scrolling, story driven, adventure game being developed by Danish studio ThroughLine Games. The story is centred around main character Anne, who acts as an enforcer in The Forgotten Lands aiming to quell any rebellions for her master Bonku, as he attempts to return them to the Human World.

The game is beautifully designed with the primary aim being to provide gamers with a cinematic adventure that’s casually laced with puzzle elements to get you thinking.

From a personal stand point this isn’t the type of game I’d usually go for, however, having played it at EGX 2016 I was immediately smitten. That feeling was re-affirmed with additional play throughs of the extended demo at EGX 2017. I can safely say this is a game I’ll definitely be buying on release day and spending many hours with.

To learn more about the game, and keep up to date with the latest news, visit the official website here and the developers website here. Even if, like me, side scrolling cinematic games like this aren’t usually your cup of tea give Forgotton Anne a chance because it may just be the game that changes your stance on the genre.

Forgotton Anne will be available on May 15th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, at the time of writing the price is unconfirmed although we’ll aim to update you nearer to the release date with more details.

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