July 3, 2022

For Honor gets a graphical overhaul with next free update

Ubisoft seems to be committed to For Honor for the long run, as it prepares to release a massive graphical overhaul with its free expansion, Marching Fire.

It looks as though textures have been given a new pass to look better and run more efficiently. Skyboxes and lighting have been completely reworked to look more realistic. Various environment and weather effects are displayed as well.

Associate communication specialist, Youssef Maguid, explained in a PlayStation Blog entry how the remastered project began. “It started early in 2017, just before the game launched,” he said. “I had thought of a few things that I was hoping we could improve down the line and spoke with some team members before we decided to try to make it happen. We knew that if the art team could utilize the new and improved features from the 3D programming team that we could improve the visuals of the game.”

Youssef believes the impact will be tremendous with the For Honor community. “We’re not expecting players to look at these enhancements as brand new maps,” he emphasized. “I think the goal of these changes is really to give players a better feeling of what they are already playing. I find the overall image to be more harmonious, and players will see more details.”

Marching Fire is scheduled to arrive October 16th, which brings new PvE content and various new heroes to select from.

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