Football Manager 2020 Touch – Nintendo Switch Review

Football Manager 2020 Touch – Nintendo Switch Review

After a good amount of time with Football Manager 2020 on Switch, I’m fully absorbed again in this digital world as much as when I was 16 years old.

Admittedly back in the day it was Championship Manager 01/02 I was unhealthily obsessed with amongst other popular teenage hobbies…

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Touching Issues

Thankfully football management sims have moved on now to give you a lot more control.

Though as this is the Touch version ported over to the Switch there of course isn’t the degree of intricacy present in the full version.

There are still enough details and systems to sink your teeth into.

But pure control freaks may not be completely sated by the Touch version.

To be truthful this version hasn’t that changed from last years iteration, with only a handful of additions as well as the squad update.

New Features

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The Club Vision screen gives you detailed statements on what the clubs board is expecting now and in the future.

Your 5 year plan is helpful to see how much is expected and the time frame of when big objectives will need to be completed by.

This is really useful for smaller clubs, as in my first season in League One I was asked to challenge for the play offs, but managed to steal the league title off of Rotherham on the last day of the season.

Big achievement I know, especially since with 3 games to go of the season I managed to blow a 4-0 lead at Rotherham to draw 4-4.

Pure Football Manager madness (and I apparently crumble from 67 mins on).

New features in Football Manager 2020 like the Development Centre helps to keep track of reserve players and your hot prospects, which can assist in knowing when to draft them into your first team.

A great FA Cup scalp against an inconsistent Everton side.

Ah, the arrogance of youth

Unfortunately my youth team weren’t very useful and after mostly zero appearances amongst them for the first team I released all but one after my first season.

Though if you do at least give them a short contract, some other teams may see potential compared to your quick demand for quality performances.

When signing youth players there is also the option to plan out their next few seasons.

You can let them know they will graduate to a more important team role each year, which gives a nice sense of progression.

Though I’m not a fan of Premier League youth players, they want extravagant wages to drop down a couple of leagues. Greedy b*****ds.

Minor issues

The controls can be quite frustrating in Football Manager 2020 at times and are probably my biggest gripe with the game.

When using touch screen controls the area needed to be pressed is quite small for most clickable icons resulting ion multiple presses sometimes before the input is accepted (story of my life).

This combined with the slow speed of the cursor when trying to use the left stick can lead to you wanting to throw the Switch or bite your Joy-Con in annoyance… anyone?

Just me? I totally don’t do that, just don’t look at my Joy-Cons.

It would help to just patch in an option to speed up the cursor to something akin to a mouses movement, which is my hope for the future as I’ve already sent Sports Interactive this feedback.

I always liked Gary O’Neil and ended up signing him as midfield cover due to injuries.

Random Tips and My First Seasons Progress

If you just want to see my review score, as well as the pros and cons I’d advise scrolling to the end, as this section is just a little bit about my Football Manager 2020 experiences and love for Portsmouth FC, to add a personal touch.

I started as Portsmouth FC with expectations of a play off position in League One, though I was shocked at the lack of budget going into the season.

Essentially I had no money for transfers and not a lot of remaining wage budget, though I was happy with the squad.

Luckily being a fan I knew there were quality players in the team.

Signing Darren Gibson, formerly of Manchester United and Everton on a free turned out to be a good decision as he received the most player of the match awards in my first season.

After looking at the available tactics and judging what my team could achieve, I began using a gegenpress tactic early on with overlapping wing backs in a 4-2-2-2 formation.

An absolute battering, considering before the game they were third and I was second.

It seemed very effective to play the ball out wide, pushing the ball to the wingers and allowing the wing backs to overlap and cross for the two waiting forwards.

With two players sitting deep in the middle this ensured I had cover centrally with players bombing forward on the wings.

This also gave me options available to receive the ball with the centre backs playing out from defence.

Goals Galore for Harrison and Marquis

My strikers thrived on crosses from wide positions and using the pass into space tactic they were always looking to attack the space for long passes.

This helped my two main strikers score 64 goals between them in my first season. Helped by my wingers chipping in with assists and goals themselves.

I had to up his asking price to keep away the predators, I’m looking at you QPR.

In January I managed to snag the signing of Fran Oller, an attacking midfielder with excellent corner and set piece stats.

I would highly recommend signing him to help create scoring chances, he adapts well to playing in a more wide position.

After luckily winning the title on the last day I look forward to my second season and first in the Championship.

The board had expectations of survival; but like last season I will be optimistically aiming a little higher.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Football manager 2020 Touch and this will most likely be the start of a couple hundred hours of obsessive playing.

I’ll miss family events, friends parties and maybe even my cats birthday in pursuit of a full sweep of trophies across all available leagues.

Pros –

  • Addictive gameplay
  • Runs slightly faster than I thought it would on the Nintendo Switch
  • A myriad of leagues to choose from
  • Managing your club is easy with new features streamlining processes
  • You can play anywhere (I recommend on the toilet)

Cons –

  • Lack of accessibility options in regards to controls
  • Missing a few features from the full release: team talks and press conferences
  • The social media channels about your club are full of fake whingers

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Numbers are fun when they're football related!
  • 8.5/10
    Overall - 8.5/10


Buy Football Manager 2020 Touch on the Nintendo eshop now.

Seriously, if you like football buy it.

Even if you don’t, but you like mathematics in anyway, I’d say give it a go.

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