July 5, 2022

Five Nintendo Switch E-Shop Hidden Gems

So you’re looking through the E-Shop on your Nintendo Switch for something to play and suddenly you realise that the Nintendo E-Shop is almost as messy and over convoluted as the Google Play store. Here’s where your friends at Any Button Gaming have you covered, we’ve dove into the E-Shop and found five unmissable titles for you to sink your teeth into and better yet we’ve kept an eye on your wallet as well.

So let’s get started.

Enter The Gungeon

Enter The Gungeon is developed by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital. This procedurally-generated dungeon crawler has some of the best gun-play available on this console generation and is brutally hard. With some of the most epic boss fights and local coop this game is one not to be missed.


Thumper is developed by game dev’s Drool and is described as a rhythm violence game. Pop your headphones on and crank them as high as they will go and honestly before you know it this game will have you fully immersed and hooked. Its loud, its gorgeous and its completely unique.

Earth Wars

Earth Wars by OneOrEight games is an action sides-scroller with a gorgeous Japanese art-style and even better action. You can craft new weapons by harvesting materials and it has an almost Devil May Cry shooting/melee combat system. The game is brilliant and considering it was a full price release on PS4 you can pick it up on the Switch and have change from a tenner.


Gorogoa is a puzzle game with an absolutely stunning watercolour art-style, the puzzles are unique and so intuitive. It may only be a few hours long but it is truly a beautifully crafted game and developers Annapurna have created one of the most unique games currently available on the Switch.

Fifa 18

Okay so I know Fifa 18 is a huge triple A game but when I saw this on the E-shop i thought it would be a bad mobile port and everyone  I asked about it said the same, I could not find anyone who ad actually tried it though. So I got drunk and bought it on offer to use it as a football manager sim game and I will be honest its a great football manager game on the switch but more surprisingly it gives other console versions a run for their money. This version of the game quickly became my go to platform for Fifa and even holds up in online play. I picked this up in a sale on the E-Shop and its one of my most played games on my Switch. Roll on Fifa 19!

So do you have any games you think we’ve missed or did you agree with any games on this list? please let us know in the comments as we love hearing your feedback and would love to try any of your game suggestions.

For all things gaming stay tuned to Any Button Gaming.

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