Five Games That Are Banned On Twitch

Five Games That Are Banned On Twitch

*Disclaimer - Even though these games are flagged as "banned" on Twitch's FAQ's page, there were people steaming some of these without "Adult Only" mode and freely available VOD's on Twitch... Go figure.

Apparently, there is a tonne of games that are outright banned on Twitch, or require “Adult Only” restriction. Without this restriction in place, you risk getting instantly banned.

In Twitch’s own words:

To feed our own intrigue, comedic value, and, obviously, to warn fellow streamers, we wanted to dive into the depths of gaming’s sordid underbelly. As such, here are five of these forbidden fruits.

So, leave your morals and sensibilities at the door. This is going to be dark.

House Party

So, developers Eek! Games actually sent me a code for this when I first started at ABG. Needless to say, as hilariously absurd as this game is, I could not find any suitable content to publish on our website.

House Party places you in various ludicrous situations at, you guessed it, house parties. You are charged with the mission of sleeping with as many people at said party as possible. By any means necessary. This leads to some hilarious and jaw-dropping encounters.

It only gets worse from here on out, by the way.

Second Life

Second Life is a user-generated content MMO, produced by Linden Lab. The game seemed to have been made with genuine aspirations of pushing boundaries. It even had its own currency that could be exchanged for real-world money!

However, when you give game loving folks freedom to create any content they want, it will always end up being some sort of penis gag.

Some of the content on YouTube is hilarious. For instance: flying penises, giant penises, and, as you can probably guess, all kinds as phallic hilarity. However, there are also those few degenerates who go too far [You know who you are!], resulting in “Cow Sex Dungeon Tours”, and “Slave Auctions”. I kid you not.

The resulting…”content” lead Twitch to ban the game for the following reasons;

“…griefing and other factors, [including] extreme, pornographic, violent, explicit, and/or offensive-to-many content often appears everywhere in Second Life – no matter what the region rating.”

Radiator 2

Radiator 2 is a threesome of “Gay-themed” games from controversial creator Robert Yang. Fun fact, Yang’s games make up around 10% of all games banned on Twitch.

Robert’s other games include X-rated titles RapeLay, Battle Rape, and The Maiden Rape Assault: Violent Semen Inferno. I wish those weren’t real, but, yeah… Apparently, Robert also does not understand why his games get banned.

“I am now the third-most-banned game developer from Twitch.”

“This is humiliating and dehumanising treatment, and I wish Twitch would stop it.”

Robert Yang, Creator

The three games range from spanking a naked man’s ass, some weird car sex “Cum in 60 seconds” parody, and men in sunglasses sucking ice lollies. It’s probably not for everyone. We don’t judge here at ABG, though, apparently, Twitch does.

Porno Studio Tycoon

So, this one pretty much explains itself. What happens when Railway Tycoon just isn’t getting the juices flowing as it used to? Well, you build a porn empire. Obviously.

I love how, after researching this article, Porno Studio Tycoon seemed relatively normal. Just shows the depths I have gone to bring you this list. You’re welcome.

If you like silk shirts, sport a big ol’ moustache and have a business-savvy temperament, then this game is for you. Just don’t stream it on Twitch.


3DXCHAT is a 3D online multiplayer sex simulator with “VR Capabilities”.

This game is an amalgamation of an MMO, Tinder, a sex simulator, and The Sims. I spend a LOT of time on the internet and consider myself a “Man of the World”, but not even I knew that this was a thing. Apparently, this is also insanely popular, especially in VR. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

It genuinely took me fifteen minutes to find a picture suitable for publication. It’s a life-changing Google search, I promise you.

So, if you can’t talk to girls, afford a Flesh-Light, a porn mag, or even a ham sandwich, then this game is for you. Just give your keyboard and mouse a wash before you let anyone else use them, please!

So. Unclean

So, that are five games you are not allowed to stream on Twitch, and rightly so. Now, while I clear my search history in case my kids use my PC, why don’t you drop us a comment. Or you could even suggest some games we may have missed. I suppose we could do a follow-up article. Maybe even let us know if you met that special someone on 3DXCHAT. Anyway, I’m off to scrub my hard drive. And no, that is not a euphanism. Is it still not okay to use bleach on one’s eyes?

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