Fire Emblem Heroes to Get Monthly Subscription

Fire Emblem Heroes to Get Monthly Subscription

Following in the footsteps of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Mario Kart Tour, Fire Emblem Heroes is the latest Nintendo mobile game to receive a premium subscription.

As brought to our attention by Eurogamer, Fire Emblem Heroes new subscription service will cost $9.49 (UK price is still yet to be announced apparently). For the near $10 you spend monthly you receive a range of exclusive perks and cosmetics.

For anyone who subscribes to the “Feh Pass”, a five-star hero and their “Resplendent” costume will be distributed to them twice a month. The new costume also boasts the following perks (as announced by FehPass website);

  • New miniature character
  • New voiced lines of dialogue
  • +2 stat increase

However, this isn’t the only feature to come from the pass.

Subscriber-exclusive quests will also be available. These quests offer valuable rewards for players, which will help them in the competitive multiplayer mode of the game.

Anything But Heroic

A special rewind perk called “Re-Act” will allow you to take you back to the start of your previous turn. As the website notes, there’s no limit to how often this can be used during battle. Which means you can get out of any unfortunate game overs you might come across.

An auto-start/loot system will also be available to subscribers. For any players who cough up the money, they can automatically replay any completed level a chosen number of times. By doing so, they earn valuable and easy XP.

Now, if this all sounds great, don’t forget that it’s a part of a near-ten dollar (UK price to be confirmed) rolling subscription. Nintendo’s current highest-grossing mobile game will see yet more money.

Simple quality of life improvements had been implemented into the game in the past to help the player base out (and, presumably, to make them want to stick around). But these were all added for no additional costs. Once again, it appears as though the preferred sin of Nintendo is undoubtedly greed.

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