June 30, 2022

Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Avengers Delayed

Square Enix today confirmed the delay of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, from March 3rd to April 10th. Crystal Dynamics also confirmed that The Avengers will be delayed until September 4th.

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The delay does not seem to be cause for concern. FF7 producer Yoshinori Kitase stated the delay is to apply some “extra polish” to the highly-anticipated remake. The news may come as disappointing to some. However, it’s always nice to hear a developer willing to delay in order to release a finished product.

Crystal Dynamics also stated that the additional development time is to focus on “fine tuning and polishing the game”. It is possible that the delay will see the game released as a cross-gen title.

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Square Enix have been on a bit of a hot streak in recent years. They werer praised for the excellent Final Fantasy 14 expansion, Shadowbringers, last year. So it will be interesting to see what a rejuvinated Square Enix can bring to the much-loved FF7.

Once cause for concern that Square Enix may have though, is that the delay brings FF7 perilously close to Cyberpunk 2077. Likely to be the most anticipated game of the year, CP2077 releases April 16th. With developers giving heavy hitters, such as RDR2, a wide berth in recent years, it shows tremendous confidence in the remake.

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