Fight the COVID-19 Quarantine Blues with Pandemia: Virus Outbreak

Fight the COVID-19 Quarantine Blues with Pandemia: Virus Outbreak

As the world faces yet another week of COVID-19-induced hysteria, you might find yourself locked in the house in self-isolation. What better way to keep your mind off of a world-conquering super-virus than by playing Pandemia: Virus Outbreak.

Swipe cards to face the deadly virus threat in this aptly-timed, story-driven strategy game.

  • Step into the world where you will make decisions that world leaders make in the event of a deadly virus threat.
  • Swipe cards left or right to make smart decisions on how to contain the virus outbreak all over the world. Stop the pandemic before it’s too late.
  • Use a strategic map to influence your decisions to manage the virus outbreak.
  • Manage your finances, people mood and virus research to make balanced decisions.
  • Don’t let the virus spread over the whole world.
  • Save the world. Every decision has consequences.

Cure, or Be Killed!

Pandemia: Virus Outbreak is about making difficult decisions that world leaders make every day. You have to save the world from the deadly threat of the virus. How you do it is up to you, but remember, every decision has it’s instant or postponed consequences.

Two people with a passion for creating games helped make Pandemia: Virus Outbreak. A programmer and a biotechnologist. The idea for the game was born in January 2017. You’ll see inspirations from Reigns and Plague Inc.

The whole mechanics for the game was ready for a very long time, only texts and coherent stories were missing. These were achieved only after recent events in the real world.

Pandemia: Virus Outbreak is available to pre-register for on Google Play. There’s no confirmed release date attached yet, though you will receive a notification when it becomes available if you pre-register today.

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