Fearmonium Enters Indie Fray with Dark Humour and Twisted Action

Fearmonium Enters Indie Fray with Dark Humour and Twisted Action

Fearmonium is the latest entry in the Metroidvania genre, particularly in the indie field. Developer Redblack Spade studios obviously draw heavy inspiration from the likes of Cuphead. Maybe even a tiny bit of point-and-click masterpiece Sanitarium.

The game puts you in the consciousness of Max, who has developed a phobia of clowns after an encounter with several of them at a circus. The clowns themselves are the main antagonists of the game, who, presumably, you meet in the form of end-level bosses). All the visual aesthetics of Fearmonium revolve around weird circus imagery and psychedelic manifestations.

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Confront Your Fears

Whilst the game takes place inside a young boy’s mind, the antagonist is a “growing phobia”. You must enter your own mind and confront your fear of clowns by beating them to pulps with a hammer! Nifty! Then, you take their place as the overwhelming, but manageable, alpha phobia of Max. This one has certainly caught our attention!

The game’s hand-drawn cartoony assets look gorgeous – fans of Cuphead will absolutely love the feel and flow of the action. Main features include several weapons of choice, abilities, confronted memories, and lots of platforming.

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Learn About Your Fears

Something that definitely stands out in this game is the option to “learn about your fears”. That is, a piece of information pops out on how a phobia is developed, how it grows, and the nature of human consciousness. Whether that is a gameplay mechanic of some sort or just the lore mechanic of Fearmonium remains to be seen.

Fearmonium has been developed by one man, Slava Gris. Slava is a self-taught artist with a Master’s in Psychology. The result is an original mix of Darkest Dungeon-level phobias, Cuphead-esque aesthetics, classic Metroidvania gameplay, and a small insight into the human psyche.

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Fearmonium is out now (as of 20th May) on Steam for the reasonable price of £9.26/€10,79/$13.09 [prices subject to fluctuation].

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