Farm Folks – Could This Be The Ultimate Sim Experience?

Farm Folks – Could This Be The Ultimate Sim Experience?

Farm Folks is an open-world co-op farming and life simulator game. Developed and published by Crytivo.

After washing ashore on Softshoal Island, you are given a chance at a new life. A plot of land awaits your green thumb to transform it into a booming farm, and a new world beckons you to explore its secrets. Farm Folks offers a delightful mix of RPG and farming mechanics, giving you the freedom to get lost in the world while you build a farm from the ground up. There are many friends to be made, many crops and animals to tend, and a whole island to discover

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Unleash your imagination, build, automate, and customize every detail of your farm. Grow crops, nurture animals, and befriend locals to cultivate the ultimate sim experience.

I for one will be watching the development of this game closely, as I am sure by now regular readers will now that I adore Indie Games and this one has my name written all over it. (Not literally, but that would be cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž)

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