Fancy Fortnite on iPhone? There’s a HUGE Cost

Fancy Fortnite on iPhone? There’s a HUGE Cost

By now, I’m sure you’re well aware of the ongoing Fortnite-fiasco.

Epic Games, Google, and Apple have been involved in a series of events that has resulted in Fortnite being pulled from mobile and Epic suing both tech companies.

To say it’s a doozy would be an understatement.

And now, savvy (read, opportunistic) internet users are taking full advantage of the situation.

Several eBay users are selling various iPhone models with Fortnite installed on them. The catch? Some of them are going for, in excess, of £10,000!

One user states;

“Although you will not be able to update them as it’s from my personal iCloud account, you will be able to play the games without updating forever.

Please no time wasters!! [Haha, très drôle]

Am only selling due to demand of the game on this phone”.

Their asking price?

Bids starting at £3,500! For an iPhone 11 Pro with 512GB. Typically, these tend to max out online at £1,800. The added £1,700 is purely for the chance to play Fortnite.

On the upper end of the insanity limit, another user is looking for AU$34,000 (or, approximately, £18,534). Just let that sink in. Somebody, online, is asking for some people’s actual yearly income for an item that, at most, would normally cost £1,500.

Thankfully, not everybody is as money-grabbing as this guy. If you’re still desperately in need of being able to play Fortnite on your iPhone, and you don’t mind a bit of damage, how about this one?

Selling an iPhone 7 32GB (normal RRP <£300), the user is looking for a Buy it Now cost of £200. Admittedly, that is with a broken screen.

I mean, there’s some truly outrageous people out there. But, then again, this is Fortnite we’re talking about here. Sadly, I suspect somebody might be silly enough to contemplate purchasing one of these

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