May 27, 2022

Fan Makes Among Us VR Compatible

Among Us has recently risen to the top as one of the most played games, on Twitch perching at the top alongside games like Fall Guys, and Fortnite. Now Among Us steps into the world of VR.

Among Us VR is a fan-made VRChat world, created by a man called Jar, anyone can download and here. You don’t even need a VR headset to play, however, some of the feelings might be lost on you. Now, I won’t blame you for thinking that a fan-made VRChat might be kind of janky. But you’ll be delighted to know that actually, it’s not that bad. Our friends over at PC Gamer tried out the novel concept and they were kind of impressed.

The unofficial VR-world’s got all the core features of the original Among Us, such as interactive tasks, voting and carnage. Naturally, using a VR headset is preferred, and since it’s a VRChat world you can play Among Us VR on whichever VR device you want whether its an Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, or Valve Index. While using the VR headset, you can actually see and use your hands to connect wires, pull levers, and swipe cards. However, the coolest feature is being able to actually crawl through vents, stalk and kill as the imposter.

Have you tried Among us in VR yet? Let us know I the comments. And feel free to check out some of the other cool projects Jar has going on, on his Patreon.

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