Fan made Fortnite outfit previewer

Fan made Fortnite outfit previewer

You will have all heard of Fortnite by now (surely!)  what you may not know however is that one fan, Reddit user _Player1_, has created a web based tool that allows you to preview skins and back bling before purchase.

This handy tool can show you what your avatar will look like with that Special Delivery backpack or that extremely useful Hard Boiled Egg back bling!  Okay, maybe the Hard Boiled Egg is not exactly useful and is purely cosmetic but you get my point.

As you may already know, Fortnite’s in game item shop does not have a preview skins option so its never easy to see how your new Unicorn Rubber Ring will look without first purchasing it.

Seeing as how some skins can cost quite a lot of money, it would be well worth previewing your combinations prior to any purchase.

Check out the Fortnite Visualiser Here

*Source IGN


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