Fallout Shelter Online Coming to Mobile Soon

Fallout Shelter Online Coming to Mobile Soon

One of Bethesda’s first forays into the world of mobile gaming, Fallout Shelter, will soon receive a sequel/expansion.

According to a report by Pocket Gamer, Bethesda will soon release Fallout Shelter Online on Android and iOS devices. Fallout Shelter Online walks a tightrope between being a fully-fledged sequel and fleshed out expansion.

Whilst it features new and improved takes on 2015 original, it doesn’t exactly bring too much new to the table. If anything, it’s actually closer to a localised version of the Chinese version of the game that launched in 2017.

Fallout Shelter Online‘s campaign is certainly more of an experience than the original’s. You are tasked with taking your character outside your Vault in search of the original Overseer.

(In Fallout Shelter, you merely went on a variety of quests that only served to bring new gear, bottle caps, characters, or special items back to the Vault).

Mobile Games.

Mobile Games Never Change

In Online, you’ll now be able to venture out to familiar Fallout locations such as Diamond City. Oh, and there’s also new online battling mechanics – hence the “Online” part of the game’s title.

The main drawback, however, is the fact that this game features extensive mobile game mechanics. Specifically, Gacha-style hero collecting. Which, inevitably, will result in loot boxes and microtransactions to get more chances to get rarer (and, therefore, better) characters.

So, if you enjoyed the original Fallout Shelter and can turn an eye to the usual underhanded mobile game shenanigans, then you’ll be okay. However, if any part of that sentence made you throw up a bit of your Nuka Cola, well, it’s probably best to steer clear of it.

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Fallout Shelter Online will be free-to-play on iOS and Android sometime soon. There’s no official word from Bethesda when the game is out, though the Philippine’s App Store does suggest it’ll be out 22nd April.

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