May 27, 2022

Fallout New Vegas Mod Adds 1GB of Cut Content

Simply Uncut – New Vegas created by The Court of Kvatch adds 1GB of cut content, offering yet another reason to go back to the Wasteland.

The mod looks to brings back multiple NPCs, locations, quests, items, and features that obsidian decided to cut out.

The contents of the mod are extensive. They include 39 added NPCs and many weapons originally seen in Fallout 3. Many new locations saturate the vanilla New Vegas experience. Some 187 marked locations!

Granted, this may not be enough for the most seasoned Wastelanders. Luckily though, this mod adds a further 11 locations.

The mod even brings back cut gameplay features and a ton of unused dialogue, if all of that wasn’t enough. For example, you can incite a mutiny in the Powder Ganger Leadership or instead reinforce the defences of the NCRCF in favour of the Powder Gangers.

As a result, many of the features can improve the overall immersion and creates an even richer world to explore.

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You can see the full comprehensive list and download the mod from here. Given these points, we would recommend starting from a fresh game due to the mods major gameplay changes.

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