Falling Frontier reveals the Sol Trailer

Falling Frontier reveals the Sol Trailer

The Sol Trailer for Falling Frontier has been revealed, showing the Solar System setting of the Space RTS’s Mars vs Titan storyline campaign, as well as the reworked ship design feature.

Developed by Hooded Horse and Stutter Fox Studios, Falling Frontier is an intricate sci-fi RTS where intel and logistics are decisive factors, that allows you to conquer a vast procedurally generated star system.

Falling Frontier’s first storyline campaign begins with war between Mars and Titan in our Solar System, and the focus of the trailer is on presenting the first detailed look at the Sol System, depicting gameplay in the orbit of Mars and around the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

Falling Frontier Sol Trailer

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Grand Designs – Railgun Edition

Besides beautiful shots of ship-to-ship combat, the footage also shows the role radar plays in intelligence gathering, as well as how logistics govern the flow of resources between bases.

The reworked ship designer also makes a debut, featuring a new interface and options for customizing the interior and exterior of ships, from weapons like railguns and point defense systems like flak cannons, to internal modules like escape pods for officers.

Falling Frontier — winner of E3 2021’s “Most Anticipated Indie Game” award — is a sci-fi RTS developed by Stutter Fox Studios and published by Hooded Horse, scheduled for release in Q2 2022.

Falling Frontier – Campaign Gameplay First Reveal

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Stutter Fox Studios was founded in 2019 in Melbourne, Australia by Todd D’Arcy. It’s focus is to deliver entertaining and unique games. The DNA of the studio is to create games that are driven by passion and determination.

Stutter Fox Studios

Falling Frontier can be added to your wishlist now on Steam and GOG.

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