June 30, 2022

Fall Of Light: Darkest Edition – Xbox One Review

In Fall Of Light: Darkest Edition you play as a warrior trying to lead his daughter to the last ray of light in a world consumed by darkness. Inspired by games like ICO and Dark souls, Fall Of Light attempts to blend souls-like combat with dungeon crawling.

Now the Dark Souls influences hit you right from the start with a heavily souls inspired opening cut scene;

“In the beginning, there was only an excruciating, screaming void, wherein twisted souls writhed about, imprisoned in nothingness. Then the darkness was pierced by Luce, and with her came warmth and order. The time of men had begun, and would last many eras.

But the 14th era is one of Darkness…”

Says the mysterious voice of a woman as the game opens in almost the exact same way as Dark Souls, from there on the similarities are slightly more subtle.

Rune Heads have endeavoured to bring you the essence of Dark Souls and ICO but in their own unique world. In some ways they achieved this.

So let’s start with the games art design. Fall Of Light has a minimalist look with a very bleak colour palette. This game is very dark, the first thing that struck me about the game is it looks very low budget. Less minimalist and more restricted on budget. The world feels like it was never fully realised and instead looks like an Android game at best.

Don’t get me wrong, some areas look stunning but it feels like restrictions meant they could only polish some parts of the world and the rest suffers for it.

However the sound design is basic but does the job. Lending to a mysterious and sombre tone throughout the game.

The character design goes from one extreme to another ranging from bland generic knights to some brilliantly realised bosses. That being said all of the foes you will encounter are all well animated and have varied move-sets.

As with Dark Souls, the game in question is all about learning enemy patterns and exploration. There is a reasonable level of exploration to be had and there are new items/weapons to be found. I will say though that none of the weapons you will find make much of a difference to the combat except a minimal variation in range.

To progress through the game you must solve puzzles, unlock abilities and beat bosses while escorting your daughter around the dangerous environment.

It gets inspiration with it’s escort missions from ICO and in most games if the hindrance you are escorting dies the game is over and you must start that part again. This normally gives you a sense of urgency and intent to keep the excess baggage alive, not in Fall Of Light.

If she dies you can just clear out the enemies and go and revive her. If you die don’t worry you can just find her and revive her, there is no real punishment for letting her perish and no incentive to keep her alive.

So to keep your, somewhat pain in the ass, daughter alive you’re going to need to fight, right? Actually no, in Fall Of Light you literally can grab your daughters hand and run past the enemies. Occasionally you will need to fight them but you honestly could just chicken run big chunks of levels.

That’s lucky though because the combat is so flawed. The combat tries to replicate the risk/reward game-play that made the Souls series so popular but suffers from what I can only conclude as input lag. You can never truly get the grips with the combat as it’s so sketchy with lag making the game controller breakingly frustrating.

Even with its multiple endings and nightmare difficulty I feel you will struggle to do multiple playthroughs due to its inconsistent combat controls.

Ending on a positive, I can appreciate what the guys at Rune Heads have tried to do with the game and have shown some promise. Unfortunately they have dropped the ball in some integral aspects of game-play but hopefully they can address these in post release updates or in their next project.

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  • 3/10
    Overall - 3.0/10


Fall Of Light is an ambitious game by Rune Heads and tries to pull inspiration from some of the industries biggest games. Lack of polish and a game-pad shattering combat system take away from the great boss design and promise the game shows. Fall Of Light seems to spread itself to thin and never really shines as a game.

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