Fall Guys Sees 20 Million Players Join Within 48 Hours

Fall Guys Sees 20 Million Players Join Within 48 Hours

Fall Guys, the adorable battle royale-cum-game show experience, recently went free to play.

Since going free to play (around 4 pm on the 23rd June), a staggering 20 million players joined the fray.

And it took a mere 48 hours – two days – for the game to get to that player count.

Developer Mediatonic made the announcement Friday 25th June, thanking players


We reached an incredible 20 million players in the first 48 hours of Free For All!”

Fall Guys was originally released in August 2020.

Since then, it’s been available for Steam (where it’s been, infamously, delisted), PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and, now, Epic Games Store.

Players compete against one another in a series of game show-inspired contests – think Takeshi’s Castle, but with jelly bean-esque entities and a saddening lack of Craig Charles.

You venture through various obstacles, and, at the end of each level, the fastest players make it through to the next round.

You earn in-game currency – Kudos, Crowns, and Show-Bucks – based on different things; win a level, win a whole “show”, or, err, complete a survey from Mediatonic.