May 23, 2022

Fall Guys Season 2.5 Update Coming

A Boy and his Bean being yeeted again

The people over at Mediatonic are keeping the momentum going with Fall Guys. And have announced that the Fall Guys season mid season update is coming this week.

Most importantly for fans is the introduction of a new level; Big Fans. Surprisingly enough it involves players jumping across fans and avoiding obsticles intent on sending them sprawling. But, that’s not all, as the update also includes the addition random obstacles in other levels. And so the levels you’ve been playing for the last few months will not always be how you remember them.

Along side these changes you’ll also see many more costumes to buy, as well as some bug fixes. But also the ability to select multiple shows meaning the downtime between games will decrease. All of which sounds like great news, more Fall Guys is never a bad thing!

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