May 23, 2022

Fall Guys Shakes Things Up With Giant Hammer

Fall Guys developers Mediatonic have cooked up a little surprise for us all. According to a twitter post on the official Fall Guys twitter account, a huge hammer named Big Yeetus is being added to the game. Big Yeetus can spawn, randomly, in levels and will either help or hinder you, which feels very much like Fall Guys.

Mediatonic has been working hard to make the game more balanced and fun for players. However, up until now, the developers have only made small changes to make the game fairer. The addition of Big Yeetus is the first big change to the game, thus far.

The biggest problem for games like Fall Guys is longevity. But by adding things like Big Yeetus the developers can add to the lifespan of their game. And a huge hammer sending you flying, either to your doom or to glorious victory will certainly spice up the game experience.

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